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Personal Survival Kits - Theoretical and Practical Discussion
Water purification.

I never purify water in the West. I did drink water straight out of the Trinity River in Fort Worth many times, and many other rivers without purification. 
I have drank out of rain puddles in Colton California.
I have drank out of many creeks and rivers all across the USA, and never been poisoned.
However I once was poisoned after drinking out of a ditch in Yorkshire in the UK, but it was summer, and the ditch was hardly moving.
I would hesitate drinking out of a river during a hot time, and probably not drink out of the Hudson.
Therefore, in a survival kit I would not carry a can to heat and sterilize water; however a can is good for heating food, and making a hot drink.
Still, a can to boil water in a survival kit would not be essential to me.
By the way, a few years ago I posted with pictures of a method I invented to heat water in my boot.
Do any of the old timers here remember that?
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