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Here is a question that might generate some new ideas for equipment.
I used karimor for years. I knew the man that invented them, but he sold out and they then became very heavy and substandard.
The man that invented them was the first to invent/use, the clip buckles, which could be adjusted without opening.
Now all packs have these buckles, which are now plastic.
However I have never seen a karimor military grade back pack.
The magic word for me is cordura. If they are made from cordura, I would buy one.
The problem with kit is, they put the word military in the title, and this encourages sales. this might not mean it is better.
It is like the word Irish. Put the word Irish on anything, and the product sells better. Add a shamrock on a tin of beans, and they could double sales!
Put Irish on a pub title and more customers drink there.
Somehow the word Irish on computers does not work though . . .

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