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PSK waterproof? Or not?
(10-29-2018, 03:18 PM)Adapt-Overcome-Conquer Wrote: Hey I still use my make up remover containers with the screw down lid and inner tubing for PSK...I remember Alukban laughed so hard when he saw it was for make up...but Big Grin whatever works...

Ronnie, I still use those taped up pill pouches and Magellan map pouches you sent to me years ago...they have proven to be even more reliable than my S2S dry bags!!! The small red one I got from Brumbie in a WE was the best, it lasted many years but....I guess i was too rough on it and the bottom developed a pin hole leak...either that or a stray ember got to it one night! I realize now from years of experience learned the hard way--haha Shy  that a major part of preparedness and your kits in working order is making sure to periodically check and refresh your supplies,, cant say how many times ive used a consumable item, say the boullion cube, fishing line, trioxane bars, chocolate or matches out of my kit....or like how my compass reversed it self, or like how my cigarettes got wet in my dry bag from that pinhole leak....survival is not the time to find out your gears faulty or incomplete!


I haven't had much luck with waterproofing the pill pouches yet. I will try to completely cover them with tape. That should work.

I have had good luck with the card size plastic pouches previously sold at the Hood store. Two water incidents have tested them. My drivers license, money. etc stayed dry!
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