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My Mav 88 Project
The results of my Mav 88 project based on the numerous suggestions given.

The old look - 28 inch modified choke Field model

[Image: oldshotgun.jpg]

The new look - 18 1/2 inch cylinder hot rod

[Image: newshotgun.jpg]

Sling adaptor - although I do not plan on using a sling in the house, I may when outside. So I went ahead and installed a GG&G sling adaptor. When I find a great 2 point sling, then I will install the proper rear sling adaptor. Until then, I have a small bag velcroed to the adaptor containing 10 Double 00 buck rounds. Hanging on a hook beside the shotgun is a belt with 25 more.

[Image: frontslingadaptor.jpg]
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