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Smallest Ferro Rod ?
What is the smallest ferro rod avalable ?
Tear apart a disposable lighter and get the "flint" out. It's a ferro rod and the smallest I know about.
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The Hoods sell some small ferro rods in the online store.
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Welding torch stiker flint. WW
As I am sure you know small comes with a price.

The price is hard to use and break easy.

I had several small ferro rods and they all broke. Now I only carry the thicker ones.

Just a food for thought.

Andrew (custom Kydex Sheaths) kydex for Buck Hoodlum or punk blade available!!

Armadillo Sheaths now on facebook

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The Coghlan's Plastic Matchbox used to have a small ferro rod on the bottom. I am not sure if the new ones have one or not.
[quote name='menotknow' date='07 February 2011 - 01:46 AM' timestamp='1297071999' post='509410']

What is the smallest ferro rod avalable ?


What is your intended use for "... the smallest ferro rod..." and where/how do you intend to carry it??

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Zippo replacement flints:

.jpg   zippo_flint.jpg (Size: 7.59 KB / Downloads: 1)

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The Boy Scouts make a sparker that is quite small, length is about the size of a car key. It is made to hang off a key ring.
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check some of these out.

its a link to a bunch of blank Rods available.
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[url=""]This[/url] might be the tiniest one which is of any real practicality.

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This is one I made a few years ago

[Image: firestick.jpg]
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I found a rather unique key chain lighter today. It is about 1.25"x1.00"x0.50". It has a container for lighter fluid with a screwdown cap that has a combination striker / wick at the bottom and a small ferro rod on the outside. I will try & get a picture of it posted. It was made in Hong Kong.

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