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How Effective Is A .22?
I'm going to stop reading this forum... too many ideas and things of interest... <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/whistling.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':whistling:' />

Swaging tools to reuse 22 cases as bullets...

.22 LR primed brass... (sorry Scottman, I just noticed you posted the same site earlier)

Corbin sells the rebated boattail dies. Can these be used to fit the bullets to the .22 lr cases?

Its also pretty interesting reading about the RBT vs. BT
[quote name='zengunfighter' date='03 February 2011 - 05:22 PM' timestamp='1296782540' post='508890']


If I had to go out in the woods and was only allowed one gun, and only the ammo I could carry, I'd pick a .22...



Only gun I owned was a Remington Model 6. Ammo was .50/box IIRC.

'Course, I hadda collect lots of soda bottles for the .02 per bottle bounty in order to be able to buy the ammo...almost 50 years ago.

Ah, nostalgia...

The .22 is a wonderful tool.


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[quote name='Stitch' date='19 February 2011 - 01:27 PM' timestamp='1298140048' post='511258']

[quote name='Txbilly' date='19 February 2011 - 10:56 AM' timestamp='1298138188' post='511254']

Does anyone know where I can access info about loading rimfires? I know 22lr is cheap right now, and I have quite a bit, but I am interested in the idea.


As per your request.



have you read that book?

Your link made me remember that a family member has that book. So yesterday I hiked on over there. And I wrote this down.

"Theroreticlaly it is possible to reload a 22 rimfire shell. The crushed rim is straightened with a punch. ...........primary explosive (see chapter 6) and water. More then one coat........... It looks good on paper, but I have never seen it done successfully."

Page 161.

Again, IMHO not worth it.
I guess in a pinch it might be worth it, meaning you are out of ammo but have the components available, but...

1- you need the tools to flatten it out

a- punch, hammer

2- components to reprime it

a- explosive

b- water

c- time

3- components to reload it

a- gun powder

b- bullets

3- method to reload

a- resize case

b- seating

c- crimping

Tools to reload

a- resizer

b- seating die

c- crimper

d- weight scale, scoop (not very accurate) or some other way to measure the powder

Or... since you will have to carry all those components, the tools and spend the time to reload the cases... why not carry live ammunition?
I don't think anyone is questioning to carry live ammunition vs. trying to reload 22 rimfire inthe field.

THe tools I need to handload (not reload) scrounged 22 rimfire to make subsonic quieter small game loads are so small they fit in a mini handi kit.

The point is you should have access to at least 5000 ready to rock 22 LR. Don't keep it all in one place.

Back to the original topic- effectiveness- I'd be interested in FMJ for the 22 LR just to see penetration tests.

"The last round tested for penetration was the Remington Thunderbolt roundnose solid. As expected, this round just wouldn’t stop; it went through 5 jugs like a laser, leaving a hole just barely of its own diameter and stopping in the sixth jug. Upon examination of the recovered slug, there was no deformation at all. Indeed, the only way to tell that this round had been fired as opposed to pulled was the evidence of rifling marks on the bullet; it likely retained almost all of its original mass, but let’s call it 95%"

I buy a lot of CCI blazer- similar to thuderbolts- but better (more consistent accuracy in all guns I've tested, never had a dud, and because CCI, a good portion is water proof. The penetration between the loads should be very similar. They drill right through a squirrel in the chest but the squirrel doesn't know it's dead yet and runs a bit sometimes. Head shots are a different matter.

In other words, I'd love to see how a 22 fmj performs. Whether that means me modding a .224 bullet to get it down to specs, or if someone commercially produces it, I'd like to see a jug test on it.
Eh, what was the original topic? <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/banana.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':banana:' />

I have some 40 gr V-max boat tails just begging to be "rebated"... Just a matter of tooling.

Any idea on how this could be accomplished without having to spend big dough on a new press and die set?
High standard developed a suppressed .22 lr pistol with the use of FMJ ammo.


T-42 FMJ .22 LR ammo

Looks like the sellers account is disabled... They are in NH so I'll hunt around and see if any shops know who it could be.
[quote name='Txbilly' date='19 February 2011 - 05:55 PM' timestamp='1298163336' post='511307'] which powder and how much??????? [/quote]

3N37 a special propellant for caliber .22, high velocity. Can also be used in pistols.

The link below is pretty interesting on increasing the effectiveness of .22lr ammo
Made a holder for LR solids that makes it possible to trim the end to a flat point(copy of a Hanned Small Game Bullet Tool).Most effective 22lr ammo that i have used.Hits are more effective(in my use)than any other 22lr ammo.Tool makes a flat point with a sharp/square outer edge.Have a 16.5in marlin mod 60 with a 2.5x shotgun scope that has killed a lot of game-it loves flat pointed Rem.Thunderbolts.Has 3 yotes and several hogs to its name,none went more than 5yds after the shot(1 to the head or 2to3 to the lungs).Always good penetration.Works for me!
[quote name='Stitch' date='21 February 2011 - 05:37 PM' timestamp='1298331466' post='511585']

[quote name='Txbilly' date='19 February 2011 - 05:55 PM' timestamp='1298163336' post='511307'] which powder and how much??????? [/quote]

3N37 a special propellant for caliber .22, high velocity. Can also be used in pistols.


The link below is pretty interesting on increasing the effectiveness of .22lr ammo



Thanks again Stitch!
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[quote name='Leanwolf' date='18 February 2011 - 11:22 AM' timestamp='1298056922' post='511099']

[quote name='ton45' date='18 February 2011 - 11:02 AM' timestamp='1298055763' post='511096']

A 22LR monthly budget sound very great idea. What would one say is a good amount to store...10,000?[/quote]

That's a decent start. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/yes.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':yes:' />




Most states have a limit of how many rounds of small arms ammunition you can store without a powder magazine.

If you store more than the allowed number and do not have an approved magazine, you are in violation of the fire laws.

It wouldn't hurt to go online and checkout the appropriate fire codes in your state for ammunition storage.

I'm not saying to store less, just to store it right.

Mr. C



The FMJ 22 topic got me to thinking about what I have seen with a 22 HP with a small lighter flint inserted into the HP, there was an increase in penetration and expansion similar to a hydra shock, but too expensive to be practical.

60gr Aguila are great in my CMMG 22 kits for my ARS, and perform quite well in my P-22 and glock kits. They are scary quiet in my Savage MK2 but it has the wrong twist rate/contour and they key hole way to fast.

Its a shame to because they are so quiet with the outback installed. I need a different barrel but haven't found one yet.

The operational capability of a quiet 22 is hard to comprehend if you haven't had rounds fly over you and impact a target. (don't try this at home it takes a very safe range/shooter set up).

For some reason, my theory is (lack of flight or fight induction)animals die without being alerted better with a quiet 22 than a magnum.

So that is a long answer, but the 22 can be in the right hands under the right circumstances VERY EFFECTIVE.

Great Grandma killed many a blacktail with her 22.

.22lr is a great cartridge and a Ruger 10/22 is a great gun. I'd say it's a solid choice.
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Mama would take Pop's single shot .22 with a short HP and decapitate a select chicken with a neck shot rather than chase that chicken and disturb the rest of the flock.
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Just my own observation. A few months ago I started working part time at a small processing establishment where we turn cows and pigs into beef and pork. We use a .22 rifle to knock them down. Proper placement is between the eyes but higher. Draw a line from left ear to right eye and right ear to left eye and where the intersect is about right. Done right they drop like a ton of bricks from the first shot where they are then bled out. The range is close and I wouldnt attempt it at distance but that little .22 can hammer them when put in the right spot.


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