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Elec"trick" Chainsaws
I would never have considered an E-saw as anything but a "home-owner" joke to seperate the gullible from their $dinero$ til a crusty old rancher, logger, sometime-poacher, moonshiner in the drainage to the west of us got a GW 80 volt saw to open up trails while fixing fence on his ATV, and was VERY enthused about it.

I got a Greenworks 80 volt saw from Chainsaws DIrect, and repalced the 18" bar/chain w/ a 16" one since the less chain you have to pull, the easier the engine runs.

I have foudn on gas saws running aggressive full-skip 3/8" chain that a short bar makes them able to pull full rpm and cut FAST.(A 14" bar would likely have worked even better...)

This a a worthwhile investment @ $350(onelith-ion battery and charger incl.), but not quite up to the quality of the "pro" gas saws I liek to run, so I started lookign at reviews of Stihl and Husky E-saws.

A "PRo arbortist" site gave the Husky thumbs-up so I spent and incredible amt. of $'s to get a top-handle one. (FOr "normal use" the rear ahndle woudl probalby be superior.)

With the Husky you have to buy batteries and charger seperate(Literally, "batteries not included" ;-)

Husky batteries and the std. battery for the GW 80 volt saw cost about $175 ea. and last from 20 min. to 40 min. depending on how hard you work them. (light limbing/trimming vs. bucking logs wider than length of bar.)

Charge times are about same as run times...If you run the battery til the saw won't go no more, it'll take aroudn 1/2 hour to recharge fully.

Nice thign about the lith-ion batteries is that they don't have the charge-discharge "memory" of lead-acid, weigh much less, have more Amp. hours and are able to be charged more tiems than lead-acid.

I bit the bullet and ordered a top-handle Husky E-saw, tow batteries, and charger for just a few shekeles over $1,000..

I am over-due for more ortho-surgery on L.shoudler, nad it is important to me to have a saw I can start and run with one hand during re-hab or if there is nothing that can be done and my left arm winds-up nearly useless. (CAUTIONARY NOTE:one-handed use of chainsaws is strongly advised AGAINST by ALL manufacurers...But if you only have one functional(somewhat arthritic) arm, what are you going to do if you need faster cutting than a handsaw?)

W/o my positive experience with the GX 80 volt E-saw there is NO WAY I would burn that amt. of $ on an electric saw.

The Husky handles better cuts faster and has higher chain-speed than even the Stihl E-saw.

It is built to a higher standard and I have more "faith" in it.

I am very well-pleased with the Husky and will sell/trade the GW saw to a buddy asap.


Further thoughts on E-saws:

With the wind and atmospheric conditions "just right", I have heard the roundie-round race cars from 10 miles away as the crow flies.

Also have heard shots fired from rifle range same distance.

In bad times, the sound of a rifle shot will be ringing a dinner bell for undesireables/4&2-footed predators, as will a gas saw advertise your location and existance.

Suppressors are the answer for firearms, and electric chainsaws are "stealth saws", and with a source to re-charge them, would allow you to cut winter firewood w/o letting everybody for miles around know what you are doing.

My big 562 Husky gas saw is "fussy" during hot weather, and hard to start.

Even in cool weather and easier starting, it is NOT something you would want small, lightly-built ladies to have to try to run if wind-thrown trees have to be cut out of the way in the road out to the county road, (or the county road itself after severe storms) if I am not around, or if I am "laid-up" due to various health problems.

A small person, or a busted-up old man can still start and run an E-saw if they have to....

Happy (quiet;-) cutting!

I have a set-up which uses a small 1,200W generator to run both a reciprocating saw for light limbs and saplings and a 16 inch chain saw for the heaver cutting chores. It all rides quite nicely on the back of the rotary mower. I use one 50 Ft. 10-3 (Red with Black stripes, but the red color does stand out nicely) extension cord for powering the saws and just switch the saws depending on which one is needed at the time. I find fewer tangles with one cord, over having a power supply cord for each individual saw. If I need to use the rotary mower to wrap up or clean out further where I have been working I just set the generator off and place the saws beside it and roll up the cord to lay across the generator. When finished with the mower, everything is placed back on the rear of the rotary mower and work is continued with the saws.

I tried a couple of 18 & 24 volt cordless reciprocating saws, but with two batteries for each I was loosing time to maintaining charged batteries. I purchased the 1,200W generator from some friends moving a couple of years ago and decided since is it quite light weight to try it with the electrical saws and it has worked extremely well for me.

The cordless tools do work better when trimming trees/saplings of limbs, since the limbs tend to fall on the cord, tangling it sometimes, when using the corded tools, but the power does not fade on them like it did the cordless ones, so I find the trade off acceptable, since nothing is perfect it seems.
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