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Stihl Axe Interesting
spotted this at the hardware store. Around 40 bucks

[Image: 12046911_10207433240411313_5260673216952...e=56635385]

[Image: 12006289_10207433240491315_5855517881300...e=56A671F2]

[Image: 12004102_10207433279252284_2564635886968...e=5692EE9D]

Decent profile and edge out of box. 120 thick 3/8 inward

[Image: 12047207_10207433319973302_5004364697402...e=569B4103]
out of the box

[Image: 12227610_10207725471676912_6941457464650...e=56EF28DA]

[Image: 12227161_10207725545798765_2537617614910...e=56F0453D]

put a convex edge on it

[Image: 11012164_10207725546918793_2806436295222...e=56E4B91A]

[Image: 12274678_10207726180574634_6621348294733...e=56B56B39]

one day of use

[Image: 12243270_10207726181734663_1978164510922...e=56EF0AAB]

[Image: 12239556_10207726270136873_7157112168181...e=56B74712]

[Image: 11207351_10207722710847893_2166260735818...e=56EC38F4]
What are your overall thoughts?
not bad for 30 bucks I picked it up for. Head is loose after a day, will mod. Out of box not bad edge at all. Handle isn't standard american.

Plyaing with other axes too. This guy needs no real regrinding out of box, just a slight touch up on the edge. I don't seem to get much shock from this axe.

It's also a beast with how fat the poll is.

Will let Jesse borrow it and see what he thinks.
Nice to hear that they make a decent hand tool as well as power tools. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />
Yep letting Jesse borrow it eager to see what he thinks of it

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