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Backpacking / Shtf Solar Gear
[quote name='RVM45' timestamp='1446228543' post='605088']

How much does the solar array weigh?

Looks like 1-2 pounds maybe 5 on the outside. I'm wondering how handy it would be if someone decided they needed two? For what I can't say…



If you're talking about the panel I posted, it's about 2lbs. It folds up (it lays out in 3rds)

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if woot runs a sale on the goal zero nomad one could buy two at that price to this new brunton (they were on sale for $35).... I htink I'll buy anohter one if they run that sale.

Weight is 1 pound.

The kozzy handwarmer battery packs I use are 7.125 ounces the anker powercore 20100 mah is around 1 pound with cord.

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