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Boot Or Hiking Boot Recomedations
Another thumbs Up for the ll bean Chippewas, I love mine. Plus the advantage of em that hasn't been stated yet is that they come with ll beans return policy so if you are unhappy with them for any reason you can send them back no questions asked. That said the one issue that I do have with mine is that they are pretty heavy and all that weight on your feet can get tiring, in that regard I much prefer Redwing moc toed boots.

I'm a little late, but i wanted to highlight a boot that has served me well over the past decade. The Salomon Quest:

[url=""][/url]I've been fortunate enough to sit at the drawing board a few times on this boot. It has had some serious user input.

We call it the 95% solution. It's sturdy enough to handle a heavy pack and it's light enough to allow you to put on the jets if needed.

Best to you in your boot hunt,KS
"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway." John Wayne

"I'd rather have 10 seconds in the saddle than a lifetime of watching from the stands." Chris LeDoux
"And the Huberd's shoe grease (blue-and-white can) that Mr. Stoskopf shows in his photos--what an excellent product that is. It's just about unknown I think--how he discovered it I have no idea. But he's steering you right with it for use on leather shoes, holsters, etc. Good stuff!"

I honestly couldn't remember who or where I had heard about Huberd's so I did a little digging. OK, now I remember! There's a real gem of a tutorial in this thread so anyone that's serious about maintaining their favorite boots should take a look.

[url=""]Leather Maintenance[/url]

Huberd's contact information has changed since this thread was created. Here's their webpage:

[url=""]Huberd's Shoe Grease[/url]

I think I ordered a half dozen or so cans back then and I'm still sitting good. Every time I pry open a can with an old penny and take a whiff, the unique 'woodsy' aroma takes me to a different place. Or maybe that's when I eat it...


"In the school of the woods there is no graduation day" Horace Kephart
I guess I'll give them a try.

[Image: forum2015boots2.jpg]

I like the fact that the LL Bean boots appear to be made from a heavier leather than the Apache's. The soles are harder and there's a lot more stitching. Overall they appear to have better quality to them.

Like my other Chippewas, these boots will be put through the wringer seven days a week. If they fail (loose stitching, etc.) I'll see how well LL Beans return policy works.


"In the school of the woods there is no graduation day" Horace Kephart
FWIW, I just spent several hours in the store going back & forth between the Chippewas and a pair of Danner workman gtx 8". I went with the Danners only because of weight and repairability, but the fit with a high quality pair of insoles is something I'd be perfectly comfortable backpacking, hunting, hiking, etc. in. I don't think you can make a wrong choice once you're up between the choices people have suggested here.
Many thanks for the replies and suggestions. Wound up going with a pair of Keen Durand low type hikers. After trying on many different boots and shoes, these were the most comfortable for me. Also made in America.
Before I switched over to Chippewas, I went through several pairs of Keens. I had a couple lace loops (eyelets) break but other than that they all held up very well. I especially liked the over built rubberized toes.


"In the school of the woods there is no graduation day" Horace Kephart
After more than a decade, i have decided to abandon the LL Bean Cresta hiker. They WERE good boots, but the last 5 years or so, they have really sliped in durability while increasing in price. Granted, i wear these hard but USED to last me 2-3 years of daily wear. If i can get a year out of these now, i'm lucky. For a $240 boot, I should get more. Furthermore, these are my SHTF boots...i don't need them failing like they have- heels ripping out, soles disbonding, speedlace bending/breaking, ect.

I'm looking at the Danner mtn Lights, or the Merril Wilderness boot. I need to try both o, but i'm leaning toward the wilderness as it seems more rugged and built to last.

any experience with these two?
also looking at the danner rainforest, uninsulated boots. they look pretty good.
I recently found some Reebok duty boots in a sage green that are supposedly AirForce security boots, Made in USA, they were $38 a pair in 13W. Oops, those are discontinued, but if YOU can find them somewhere in your size buy them.

Otherwise I've always been happy with Danners for hiking and duty boots. I can't believe the Acadias are going for 350 now?!?

(02-03-2015, 02:14 AM)yellercat Wrote: I have been doing some research on new general duty boots. I seem to be a little overwhelmed for some reason after looking at pushing 500 some odd pairs of boots. So I am looking for recommendations.

What I am looking for is a pair of boots for every day wear. Lace up style about 5 inches or more in height, want and need ankle support. Preferably all leather, but synthetic material is ok. I want to be able to do some light hiking, but will probably see more concrete use. Made in the USA is a plus.

Style of the boot is not as important as comfort. I wear cotton crew socks almost exclusivly. Since I live in Texas, insulated boots are not a concern for me.

I have falling arches and my knees are a little on the bad side. And yes I am overweight, so that does not help with the knees. Side note, recently bought some red wings, made in the USA with materials from the USA. Ankles and knees have been doing much better.

Any thought and or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
I like Timberland boots preferably in suede.
They are light, durable, and so far seem to be waterproof, despite being suede.

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