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Iron Sights
Good post. A lot of folks seem to have forgotten about irons. I especially like a good peep sight. In my book any serious weapon needs to have good irons in addition to any optics that may be on it. Marcus

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A very good post. All of my working rifles Marlin 336, Savage Scout, and Springfield M1A have receiver sights. I wouldn't leave home without them.

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Thank all who have responded for their replies.

Bitswap: You have done a very nice job with your 600's receiver sight--you should be both proud and happy to have that rifle with that sight so nicely done.

Great post as usual, ML.
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I'll pin this for the nonce, and after folks have had a chance to respond, I'll move it ot the FAQs.

Thanks for another tremendous post, ML, good info that is being rapidly lost in the gun world today.


ML, thanks for contributing another outstanding post. You never cease to educate and amaze. I'm considering putting a reciever sight on one of my muzzleloaders now.
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