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Prepaid Cell Phones
I always keep an eye on homeless people because they can teach me things about urban survival. Hell, I keep an eye on everybody cuz I am jumpy and distrustful. Today I saw a young homeless female with her cell phone plugged into an outlet on a lamp post. Turns out the phone is a prepaid cell phone available for 10 BUCKS!. The price includes a charger that plugs into a standard wall outlet. So for 10 bucks plus 15 bucks for an access card, you can make phone calls. The major brand sold around here is Tracfone, but, there are lots of other brands. Something to consider.

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Good observation.

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My crystal ball or maybe my super powers tell me that was your first post. Wander over to the welcome forum and give us a quick intro so we know who we're talking to!

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If you have an address and cc, you can order them online with $20 of phone time included so you can try the service for free. Might also be a way of donating a phone to a battered womens shelter - they can still dial 911 with no balance available.
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I have been using a Tracfone as my only cell for several years. I bought the annual plan for about $90.00...the price can vary depending on specials. If a person doesn't use a cell phone a lot, it is a good way to go. I just want a cell phone as a mobile phone...I don't need it to be a camera, a PDA, or anything else. Still keeping a landline as the primary phone.
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The 2 best ones I've found are Tracphone and Net10. Tracphone is for people like me who may use 15mins in 3 months and you can get a 20.00 card with 20mins and 3 months service but if your smart you buy one of the phones that has double mins for life my phone is a razor lookalike that I got for 39.99 at target that gave me double mins for life works out even better for me, they also come with like 15mins and 2 months when you but the phone. Net10 is a better choice for people that talk alot or at least what I would consider alot you can buy phones anywhere from 30.00 on up and they come with 300mins and 2months service. Both allow leftover mins to rollover as long as you buy more airtime before the cutoff date thats on the phones screen. My moms had Net10 for awhile and when her phone crapped out they sent her a reconditioned one and credited her mins on to the new phone and she had that phone for over a year. Heck right now Tracphones are really cheap at Target they have one for 10.43 and then there are a few more on clearence. If you need a cell phone and dont want to sign up for 2 years and get charged a monthly charge plus 10.00 in taxes this is a good deal.
The terrorists used pre-paid cell phones, too. There used to be little to no paper trail. I'm sure they've changed that a bit now.
Prepaid cell phones have improved life for a lot of homeless people. Those seeking jobs now have a way for somebody to reach them. I can't tell you how many people I know on the streets who have lost job or housing opportunities because they had no access to a phone. One of the things our ministry does is help homeless people get prepaid phones or help with putting time on them.

That one simple form of assistance has resulted in 4 homeless people I know getting permanent jobs. Three of them are now off the street.

I'm sure folks out there also use them for all kinds of nefarious ne'er do well, but ya gotta take the bad with the good sometimes.

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Not really a paper trail I walked into Target paid with cash went home charged the phone went on the website and set it up. If I was a bad guy I could have paid someone to buy it for me and registered it online at the library or used free wifi from burger king. Bad people will always find a way to do bad things and they will always find a way around restrictions.
I use net10. 30 bucks, 60 days, 300 minutes. It works for me. add minutes every 60 days and roll over your left over minutes.
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