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Lessons Learned
Well, we had a significant thunderstorm with a down draft that took out electricity, phone, internet, and cable. We were mostly prepared with lanterns and all basics covered. The outage began around 10:30 pm and went until 3:30 am as far as electricity. The other utilities are slowly being restored.

In the winter in the north heating your home is essential, well here in the desert air conditioning is important with little ones running around or trying to sleep. The outage occurred and fired up the oil lamps, no problem. However, with repressive heat over 105 degrees the modern day house gets very hot. We opened the windows but there was no draft just heat. Wet some towels and wash clothes to keep cool. We thought about moving outside but about that time a dust storm hit choking everyone. The one area I have not taken into account enough thus far is for summer time occurrences.

Items to purchase:

1) generator to run small air conditioning unit for at least one room.

2) check out the website, I believe that is it for some battery powered fans.

3) small ac unit that can be moved around or stored as needed.

4) Lastly, have to save is a camping trailer to move to when something like this occurs.

Our storms due to our heat and dryness are usually fast that are accompanied with wind, dust, thunder, and lighting followed by about three minutes of rain, followed by more wind, dust, thunder, and lighting.

Any suggestions or comments for dealing with these issues or other ideas would be appreciated. We have not had to deal with the amount of damage or loss as the midwest, but I am looking to learn. The Urban Master and the Desert Survival videos helped in the amount of preparations we already have. Thanks, Ron!
Ah, desert life....

I have two "D" cell powered fans from Ozark Trail bought at Wal Mart and two "D" cell

powered mini swamp coolers bought online. They won't cool a house, but they do

make a small area livable.

I like your #4. I don't know how many campers(trailers) have a generators, but one could be installed I bet. Other than that, most trailers are better than my house, so it should be pretty sweet during those outages. Not to mention getting to go camping with it.
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Consider an adobe house?

I lived in one in the Arizona desert and it was quite cool in 110 degree heat, and warm when it snowed.

Otherwise, maybe a kid's blowup swimming pool for emergencies?

Set it up, fill it up, put your deck chair in it, and crack open a beer?
Sounds strange but throw a few prepared ice-packs or bags of frozen peas under some heavy blankets on the bed (about 20 minutes) and the bed will cool down enough for your to get to sleep. Insulation works both ways.
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