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Survival Vs. "annoyance" Likelihood Triage...
This is a great thread. I'm glad to see that mostly everyone is keeping things quite civilized despite the definite contrast in personalities and argument styles. I'd like to list my "greatest hits" from the thread, of which I read "most": <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />

<begin hits>

even once while on a day hike when I slid down an unexpected path that gave way and I couldnt climb back up ...Afternoon late and getting chilly...I hiked down a ways then just sat there for a few minutes and made a fire , put out a few snares...gathered a few plants , made some needle tea...ate an apple and a sandwich...

Made a pile of leaves,grasses, needles, used my contractors bag for a leanto... and went to sleep...No one came looking for me cuz I always leave the message that I might stay out over nite...Next morning I got up, nothing in the big deal ...I hiked down the arroyo and was back to my truck in about 3 hours..Who knew? No one.

dirty dude

Makes me mindful of the story that Daniel Boone was once asked if he had ever gotten lost, and he answered "No, I've never been lost but I got mighty confused once for three days."


I look at it like this, say on a cross country trip, land nav is useless if you run out of food, food is useless if you run out of water, water is useless if you die/incapacitated from exposure (cold/heat stroke), shelter is useless if you run out of air (Ron's example of sealing up a tube tent is hilarious, but brings the point home).

Steve N

If you don't have air, make it so you do, if it is warm out and the nights are warm, shelter is not a priority..." and so forth, If you can breathe, there is a comfortable climate, you have water and food you don't really have a survival problem you have a navigation issue or a social survival problem (Think Vietnam).


(speaking of reflective tape, which I, personally, include in my boxer shorts--just kidding - IagainstI) I stick it on my truck, on the sides, front, and top, just a small 2" tab. (i'm geeky enough to, that yes, i put sone underneath the truck, oyu never know.)

bushman5 cannot get caught up with all those damned acronyms...there really is only one to remember...we were taught it at all levels in the army:


"Put your ass on the grass and shut the f*ck up while I, your hallowed instructor takes you through the basic skillsets...remember these and you will have no problems, forget them and you put yourself and your team in a world of hurt"


Brian P

</end hits>

So, anyway, I've really enjoyed this thread and have learned a great deal from the back-and-forth (I didn't even know that the "rule of 3s" was at the start).

And now, I'll give my .02: I'm not likely to find myself in a "survival" situation. I hike on heavily trafficked trails with other recreational hikers. Even so, I _never_ hike without my multi-tool (notice that I didn't say "Leatherman" so as to avoid product placement). I am very careful not to exceed my skill level. However, if I find myself in a situation where my skill level is exceeded by chance, this forum--and the example of the rule of 3s--might save my life.

I welcome the civil discourse represented in this forum, in general, and in this thread, specifically. Mostly, I'm glad to have discovered this corner of the cyber-world, and I have since tattooed the PYAOTGASTFUWIYHITYTTBSRTAYWHNPFTAYPYAYTIAWOH acronym on the inside of my eyelids just in case.


- IagainstI

Welcome to the forum! I like that you are using the search feature to find info that is relevant to you. One statement you made about it being unlikely to find yourself in a survival situation may be a false sense of security. Think of the [url=""]Kim Family[/url] and how many times you have been in unfamilar rural areas. Also consider social or environmental changes (or better yet both of those) like in Katrina, Andrew, Earthquake. Tornado etc...

Don't think of the survival skills as only applicable for trail and wilderness.

Anyway, good to see you are participating in discussion.
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