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Why Does Blackwater Guard Our Embassies?
In early 1865 Secretary of War Stanton finally convinced Lincoln to have the War Department rather than Allan Pinkerton's company provide protection for the President.

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and that turned out alright for him. right up until the end there anyway
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Eric Prince (former SEAL, founder/ceo BlackWater) commended himself well and did a great job defending the role of BW in a recent interview with Charlie Rose: [url=""][/url]

I was hoping to hear more info on private security contracts througout the Caspian, just outa curiosity.

There have been a few recent warnings about a future "Iran-Contra" style covert op failures arising in the future due to the intelligence contracting that going on under the Pentagon's current black-budget/no-Congressional oversight $25 "battle-field" intel policies. [url=""];PlayMedia=No[/url]

*beware of the phony SEALs: [url=""][/url]
It seems to me the news coverage on our conflicts has not panned out for news ratings,so on to something else.......and "let's sensationalize it"

Do not tell them that every great Military has always used what resources they can bring to bear.Forget the Swiss who still guard the Pope and started the banking system with funds from their fighters.What ever you do do not mention the many fighters we have used all throughout history to gain independence and keep it.

Our political leaders embarassed me by their lack of knowledge....................and history.For heaven sakes we have men and women in harms way,what are they doing?...............................................Lets blame someone with a catchy name......
[quote name='cando2' post='168953' date='Oct 17 2007, 06:40 AM']It seems to me the news coverage on our conflicts has not panned out for news ratings,so on to something else.......and "let's sensationalize it"

Lets blame someone with a catchy name......[/quote]

I can't help but think the Blackwater Massacre was a fortuitous turn of events for the Iraqi Gov't. Let's see. We have a country that loses up to 100 people a day due to sectarian violence. There are claims that the Shiite Militias have infiltrated the Iraqi Security forces and are killing the Sunnis under the guise of protecting the country. The U.S. Congress is critical of the Iraqi Gov't for not meeting various benchmarks set to secure their own country.

And voila...The Blackwater incident takes place and the media forgets about all the rest.

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