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What Did You Do This Week To Prepare?
Whatever you did this last week, I want to hear about it.

Consider the three areas of focus: Inventorial (stuff), Physical (heath and fitness), and Mental (learning). None of these exist in a vaccuum, you need all of these things in order to survive and thrive.

If you didn't do anything in one or more of these three areas, tell us why and what you are going to do to fix that next week.

The time to act is now.

I'll start. I went to the range twice, reorganized my backpack, built some survival kits for my relatives, worked out every day, used a power outage to practice escape drills from my office in the pitch dark, read a couple books, built a couple shelters, fraternized with Hoodlums, set up side jobs for myself to make some money towards my long-term financial goals, cleaned the house, loved on my wife, put some stuff up on Ebay, started testing some gear for you all, bought more water, bought a knife, practiced solar cooking in the heat, worked with my hand-drill for better technique, and made plans to get out there this fall, with the Hoodlums and with people I know and trust. There's more, but that's enough for this demo.

Was this enough? I'm not satisfied, and neither should you be. I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER, and I bet you could have to.

Why didn't you?
"Act like a man of thought - Think like a man of action." - Thomas Mann
as of Saturday I got water, slept, and have a bottle of patron, so when shtf I won't give a damn. Isn't that what people do... Drink so they forget about their problems.
I went squirrel hunting

Researched the usefulness of 410 shotshells

Bought a 410 shotgun

Got a new sleeping bag

Bought some fishing equipment

Bought extra food

Visited this forum
Live with honor, ride with truth.  Be friendly to others.  But always carry a gun on your side and a knife in your boot because there are those that do not feel the same as this.

[quote name='Alan Halcon' post='156085' date='Sep 4 2007, 12:52 PM']as of Saturday I got water, slept, and have a bottle of patron, so when shtf I won't give a damn. Isn't that what people do... Drink so they forget about their problems.[/quote]

That, or solve their problems so they don't have to drink, wink!

That BBQ was pretty much all of the self-reliance triangle wrapped up into one, so you get a free pass. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

Don't squander the rest of the week, though. You can always get a coal in 2.5 seconds, instead of your normal supernatural three something. I expect by the time you die, you'll be able to cut the hand-drill, dry it, and make the coal instantaneously, all with your mind.
"Act like a man of thought - Think like a man of action." - Thomas Mann
Inventorial: checked and inspected my current supplies, unpacked my ruck from office repacked for outdoors. Bought more canned food.

Physical: Hiked about 8 miles to stay in a forestry service cabin. Made the trip from the top of the ridge where said cabin lies, to the bottom of the ridge where the river lies, about a half mile of 45 degree incline. Hard on the knees, but good on the soul. The return trip was made more difficult with the addition of 4 liters of water diligently pumped through my filter. (Butterfly press who?)

Mental: Used my Ka-Bar to baton the end of a 2.5" diameter log, till it was like fuzz, approximately 2" deep into the end. Poured liquid redpine pitch into said fuzzy end, resulting in a surprisingly capable torch. It burned bright for about 30 minutes before I snuffed it out, and I ended up chucking it in the fire the next morning while making coffee to avoid gathering more firewood needlessly. Made a similar device out of the inner bark of a basswood tree, and more pitch. Pitch is handy stuff. Started all my fires with flint and char cloth.

Invited group of hikers to stay with me and my friend at the FS cabin, because they showed up at sunset, with a 10 year old boy, with more gear in their packs than I take for a week. The next cabin was over a mile away, on a hard narrow trail, and the hikers had _shit_ for flashlights. They turned out to be a good bunch of folks, and my friend and I had a very enjoyable evening hanging out with them. Had they not had the kid with them, I would not have invited them to stay, though I am not regretful of doing so now.

What I can do better:

1.) Seriously need to practice friction fires.

2.) Stop camping in forestry service cabins (Yeah, I was being fricken lazy)

What I did right: I think it was a good call to let the hikers stay given the circumstances, but I lost a fair bit of sleep not being totally comfortable sleeping in proximity with strangers. Thankfully I was the only one in the cabin with a firearm that I saw (doesn't mean there wasn't someone else packing I know), and it stayed close at all times, especially since the child was there.
Welcome to the internet, you're probably taking it too seriously.

What you see is the result of the perspective you choose.

"Knowledge isn't wisdom unless it's empirical." - My own damn self.

Grand Rapids Michigan
started organizing all the crap in my garage forgot what i had in there.

finished the renovation in my bathroom for selling my house.

booked two appointments to look at properties 100 acre plus and far from town

packed my pack for next weekends wild edibles course.

spent time on survival forums looking at ohters ideas
I'm moving out of the city now. Rent will drop 300.00. All my VHS are now DVD. I have finished 3 primary mini kits and some minor ones. My BOB I keep at home is finally together. I have a smaller BOB that I keep in my truck. My pack is in a near ready state for an Oct solo. Got my best sharp stuff together so I'll know where it is. Its in a Blackhawk shoulder/ fannypack. I just bought a box fan to construct a dehydrator. I tested several firestarters to check their function.. I started these things bout Aug 1st, but just finished them.
Message of Insight and Unity 

We go into the wilderness to fulfill our hearts and empty our minds of life's garbage.
The gear we leave behind and the challenges we encounter, 
Are methods we use to cleanse our spirits.
Of Survivalists and Bushcrafters, Primitive Technologists too, we are one.........

It is the wilderness within, we strive for first and always.
Not everyone can have a cabin in the mountains.
The thread that connects us, is fine like silk and strong as steel.
Together, the song of the wilderness is the song we sing!

"And can I say something else?"
Bushcrafting is "doing what you want to do." 
Survival is "doing what you have to do"
Primitive Technology is about all of the above........

By TNRR aka "Survival Sully"
Copy canned some tuna, worked out, performed BOB checks and and run generator for it's monthly 10 minutes.

Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.

— Alfred Adler

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”

---Albert Einstein
I sat down in my powered Lazy Boy Recliner with it's built in remote, and hidden bar, cracked open a long necked Bud and watched Bear Grylls on the teeeveee. Bear tells you all you need to know. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />

"Always go straight forward, and if you meet the devil, cut him in two and go between the pieces." (William Sturgis, captain, clipper ship, 1830s.)
[quote name='Leanwolf' post='156132' date='Sep 4 2007, 03:31 PM']I cracked open a long necked Bud and watched Bear Grylls on the teeeveee. Bear tells you all you need to know. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Big Grin' />


That's the best you can give me?

I'm sure you did something more useful than that, though I do appreciate the long cold one every now and again.

Our Bear Gryllis joke/serious post ratio is approaching astronomically shameful levels. I wish the guy had never been invented, just so I don't have to wade through crap about him on this board.
"Act like a man of thought - Think like a man of action." - Thomas Mann
Wow, I feel lazy now. I picked up two 100ft. rolls of real 550 cord (one orange for knife lanyards),a Fiskars retractable saw,2 swiss fire steels,a Permanent Match,6 tiny LED flashlights with clips,another small tarp and an Ontario Tak1 knife. I worked out a little bit (not enough), built another figure 4 dead fall,got attacked by the hornets living in the log I used for the dead fall,got one inside my shirt,got some cardiovascular excercise running around the yard like a baboon on crack,got stung twice on the body and once in the face;made some fuzz sticks just for the hell of it. I dug out an old pack full of survival goodies (basically a giant mini kit,if that makes sense) and started breaking the stuff up into mini kits and putting some of it in the other bags I use now. Looked at the pantry and realized how far I`ve got to go! I`ve been copy canning but we eat out a lot and use a lot of frozen stuff so we don`t use that many canned goods. I`m going to try copy canning +1 and see how that works. Marcus

Off road, BOV and Overland Outfitters

Parts, gear, tech articles, forums and more

As seen in Survival Quarterly Wink
I purchased a two burner coleman camp type stove that runs off those little green disposable bottles. Swede225 and his wife had one out at Anza and I thought it a good idea to have around for power outages. I purchased 2 of the disposable bottles for it. Then I had to order online an adaptor for my 40lb propane tank so that I can refill those little disposable bottles because truthfully they are refillable and no need to throw them away.

PH, I have often debated the Natalie Portman vs. Winona Ryder question.
"A Nation of Sheep will beget a government of wolves." Edward R. Murrow

"Bring me a GREEN one, I'll scrub the patchoulli off her!" Ghostwolf.
[quote name='Brumbie' post='156136' date='Sep 4 2007, 06:55 PM']PH, I have often debated the Natalie Portman vs. Winona Ryder question.[/quote]


Ahh...yesss... Winona, I know her well... HAHAHA!!!

Later Dude,

"I use a sledge hammer to scramble eggs."- perfect hick

"I'm an organ donor. When I die I'm donating my balls to science, then they can study what it is like to be a man."- perfect hick
Got a reservation for Rabbitstick. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />


  • Made two trips to Academy to get more emergency ponchos, more .22LR rounds, more fishing tackle, another water bottle, another headlamp, 2 signalling mirrors, and other stuff for my packs that I cannot recall right now.

  • Picked up another Fox40 whistle, more ammuntition, and a few other items from WallyWorld.

  • Picked up 6 small LED flashlights from the auto parts store (9 LEDs, very bright, 3AAA batteries)

  • Tried some canned fish (in Louisiana Hotsauce) for a palate test. It past and I purchsed a few more cans to add to my emergency rations.

  • Did more organization of my packs and kits.

  • Did more inventory of my weapons and ammunition (thus the additional purchases)

  • Worked on my fishing gear (repaired a few poles and worked on organizing my tackle boxes).


  • I ran a few miles. Not as many I would have liked, but I had a stomach bug.

  • Added some additional weight training to my exercise routine.

  • Tested some tender (Is this physical or mental? I do not know.)

  • Shot a few .22LR rounds in my "new" rifle (I really need to zero my scope) and spent some time with the air rifle shooting cans (no kick, but helps with the off hand aiming, breathing and trigger control).


  • Started reading a few books I just received.

  • Did some research on food stores and [topic="0"]stoves[/topic].

  • Did other research that I cannot remember.

  • Spent way too much time on this forum. <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':unsure:' />

  • Watched LSU smash Mississippi State <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/thumbsup.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':thumbsup:' />

Spiritual: Went to Sunday School for the first time in 3 years.

NOTE: I began putting more energy into my survival skills in January. I also started working on my health and fitness, since I had let myself go. When the year started, I was sitting around 260 lbs, could barely reach past my knees, and could hardly run 1/4 mile. I changed my diet to help with the weight. I did not go on a diet, but rather decided that I did not want to eat like I was doing. Now, I am just under 230 lbs, I do lots of flexibility and strength exercises and I try to run at least 1.5 a day (let me tell you, it is hot and humid down here around noon). I would like to get back close to the shape I was in when I was in the Corps, so I still want to loose at least 15 more pounds and possible up to 30. At 38, it is quite a feet to go back to the shape I was in when I was 20.


"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail." -- Benjamin Franklin

"Tough times never last, but tough people do!" -- (This has been atributed to many people, so pick one.)

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