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What Did You Do This Week To Prepare?
been working out alot. cycling 3 days a week. at least one day hiking. pull ups every time i go into the den. Lightening up my pack!!! I think I'm about good for 25lbs for a 4 day trip now. I really would like to get that down to 20. Getting hard to do with the amount of gear necessary for backcountry trips here.
official westside jealous...and afraid.
I've just started reading this forum : )

I keep trying to learn what I can about wild edibles and how to recognize them... I've been reading this field guide I bought. Each time I get to a new color plate section of the book, I make notes and underline stuff for each plant... I hope to go into the wild (ideally with someone that can point stuff out to me better) and gather the plants and cook them, etc.

I keep trying to heal my feet (I have heel spurs that have gradually been getting better). When they are healed, I will take the backpack out on nature trails again.. I've been trying to eat better, more natural foods.. and work out when I can : )

A musical instrument I have been looking on ebay to purchase that could be helpful in keeping up one's spirits and it is light and easy to fit in a backpack, is a Native American Flute... I'm hoping to get one soon... not sure what key to get though for a beginner.. maybe a "C" like my harmonica <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Smile' />

I don't know if this really counts, but I watched the movie "I am Legend"... The reviews said it was a little bit like the film Castaway because it involved a lone survivor, so I figured it would be a good film. I watched the animated short films that were extra features also... I think those gave me nightmares more than anything else.. In alot of ways, the film had elements of what it would be like for Urban survival with alot of gangs (instead of the mutant-type beings attacking). It was an interesting film.. although quite sci-fi really..

I cleaned out my truck, and repacked my BOB. Oiled all of my winter boots and put them away. Cleaned out my work truck, and cleaned all work weapons. M-16, Rem 870, Springfield .45, and all magazines.

Washed out my camelback water bladder, and all of my canteens. I carry about ten gallons of water with me when I am at work.

Dreamed about going back to New Mexico, and working on the retreat.

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This week I bought a quantity of sugar and dividied it into 2 liter pop bottles for storage. I also dated the last batch of canned goods purchased at a case lot sale (fish; corn; fruit salad; and apricots) and got a good price on 5 yards of flannel which can be used for so many things. I also have to portion out 5 lbs of salt.
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Dehydrated and vacuum packed ten pounds of taters.

Bought a cheap 440c drop point knife (5" blade) I like alot. Sharpened it up, took off the handles and wrapped it up with 550 cord. With the new "cord" handle it's less than a half an inch thick. A tightly molded kydex sheath comes next.

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