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Is That A Baloon I See?
What we have going on now is nothing compared to what we had in the early 80s, and the early 70s before that. The late 40s and 50s were a recessionary economy, but you don't remember that.

The 60s were boom times with both guns and butter in full production.

Each of those economic situations sparked an new wave of TEOTWAWKI writings and preperations. Those were the days of Tappin on Guns and How to Survive the Comming hard Times, and the Rough Times Newsletters.

Each time we experience a severe "correction" of the economy it is usually due to some unrealistic or unethical practice on the open market that runs its life sourse out.

This correction is due to the extension of long term loans to unqualified people and a change in the bankruptcy laws that no longer allow one to shield a home from creditors.

The world situation is due to oil, pure and simple. We have allowed OPEC to block the free market and control the world economy for too long.

What al quida can not do with guns they will do with oil.
Don't know what you're doing, do you?
Quote:Im in a rather unique situation and would appreciate yalls perspective.

Selling my house in S. MS. I can afford to hang on through a down market and still make the payments, but would like to sell and use the money to pay off the last of our debt and stock up on supplies. Limited as to what I can do as far as getting off the grid as we live on post and probably will live on post wherever we get stationed next.

Got plenty of term life on me, a necessity given my vocation and a very little in ROTH's. Would like to use the nest egg from the house sell to buy acreage in the Blue Ridge we can use as vacation with the intent to retire and build our redoubt there.

With 4 kids 7 and under and me likely off trying to handle whatever "national emergency" has me out of the house that day our plans revolve around bugging in. On post would actually be pretty safe, initially. The plan being, let things die off, then she can execute something else and hopefully by then I can rejoin her.

Any ideas, observations, priorities you see?



Lets see, I've always been an advocator of debt free living when possible.....Have not been anywhere near doing it right or all the time by any means. Weighing in on the housing market can be different anywhere in the country. Can you get enough money for the house and buy the land free and clear, punch a well, and put up a one room cabin to get you by if TSHTF? I tend to think a little differently than some here, trying to prepare for the worst and not trusting what many say about the future.

Others had some questions as to where the family goes if you get posted overseas, that can be a serious consideration. Good luck on your endeavor.



Ah, the economy nightmare, makes me nervous even when it is doing well. Money on paper to me, although it can grow by the number, has always made me nervous. Counting on my employer to provide me with retirement makes me nervous as well. Social security or lack of makes me nervous. Taking all of my 401k and putting it in a sock under the mattress, or even in a secret safe makes me nervous. I guess I am just a nervouse type of person in regards to finances.

Tangible goods, they don't make me stress too much. Knowing skills to keep family and self healthy and alive help me relax. I think if left alone to do our own things most of us could make it by agrarian and gathering means, would be tough, but barter and trading moved civilization along for thousands of years, lots of bloodshed to go with it however.

I'm thinking we are living in interesting times........

Liberal: A Conservative that hasn't been mugged.

Oh, may I go a-wandering until the day I die;

Oh, may I always laugh and sing beneath GOD's clear blue sky. Friedrich-Wilhelm Moller

"We face the question whether a still higher standard of living is worth its costs in things natural, wild, and free."

Aldo Leopold

Just Rambling again......... Sawyer
"I say that because there is no past event in GW's presidency that would point to him trying to become a dictator. Our form of government would not allow that to happen. Congress, Supreme Court and the military would remove him rather easily if he tried to stay in power.

GW's cronies do not control Congress, the courts or the military. It is absurdly childish to blather on about some impossible event like it is right around the corner.

"Intellectually dishonest if you prefer another term."

On NPR yesterday there was an article about the Dutch dikes back in the 50's (I think). During one storm a resident went onto the dike and looked at the sea level and the time and estimated that the sea would go over the dike at high tide. He warned the mayor who convened an emergency town council meeting. The town elders decided, in their meeting room, that the sea had never come over the dike before and wouldn't this time. Two thousand people lost their lives that night. The moral, for those who missed it, is that just because it has never happened before doesn't mean it won't this time.

GW is on record as having said words to the effect that things would be so much easier if he were a dictator, about 17 times in public. If you do a personality check on GW you will find that, while he talks of democracy, he doesn't believe in it. Democracy is working with the people, all of them, and coming to an arrangement that everyone can live with. GW demands things his way and the Republicans in congress vote as a block to give it to him. Even now, with Democrats controlling both houses, the Republicans block anything GW doesn't like, or he vetoes it. This is not democracy, it's not even a democratic republic. This is very close to a dictatorship. On top of that, if you haven't noticed, GW cares nothing about the constitution, law, or anything else. Think wiretapping, imprisoning people without charges, redefining torture, etc, etc, etc. No past events pointing to his wanting to be a dictator? Since 9/11 it's been one event after another.

Essentially all governments rule with the permission of the army. In order for GW to become dictator he would have to have the backing of the US Army to enforce his dictates. With most of the Army out of the country he'd only need a few key Generals on his side to control the army still in the country. Don't forget, he's the military Commander in Chief, even if he doesn't wear a uniform. Congress could complain but without guns there's nothing they could do about it. If a US president declares himself dictator, or even declares a national emergency, then our current form of government will be non-existent. Our current laws allow our president to declare a national emergency any time the president deems it necessary. At which time all armed forces and law enforcement officers come under the control of FEMA, which is controlled by the president. The president can also take control of all industry. Even without declaring himself "dictator" he will become one in fact.

I may be delusional but I think that to poo-poo the possibility of GW becoming dictator is the same as poo-pooing the possibility of water coming over the dike, New Orleans getting flooded, police rioting, planes crashing into buildings, and all the other bad things that have happened, and is just as delusional if not more so.

Unfortunately, for this possibility, I think it's too late to prevent it so all we can do is prepare as best we can for it. Keep you unregistered weapons and ammo well hidden but be prepared to give up your registered guns, or be prepared to die, it will get ugly. And hope I am delusional. Now where's that tinfoil?
[quote name='Brumbie' post='201007' date='Jan 22 2008, 10:16 PM']If you are worried about Executive Orders. Go check out Klintons record. He rules the roost in governing by Executive Order.[/quote]

Heh, for the record, I didn't like Hillbillary, either. Honestly, we haven't had a solid constitutionalist president for several decades. Part of why I'm rooting for Ron Paul. He may be a lot of things, but he IS a constitutionalist, and can be relied on to stay that way.

ACPAL has responded, reasonably, to your remarks, and made some good points that suggest imperial intentions on the part of Bush.

I have my concerns about Bush, but while ACPAL has made some good responsive points, I must acknowledge that the military might put a stop to such a thing.

Then again, it might not. I forget the name of the general--retired since then, I think--who commented that 'the Constitution [could] not withstand another attack on the order of 9/11.'--that's pretty close to the wording... I took that to suggest that the military was all set to operate martial law, but then again, there sometimes is a lot hidden in nebulous remarks, and he might have been warning of something else.
Freedom--to be a fool or only thought one, to do well or to do poorly, with only one restraint known as accountability--is the best that philanthopy--and sustainable civilization--have to offer. It's also what the U.S. Founders tried to create and make sustainable against the vicissitudes of collective folly.

Sworn officers, know your oath. Understand its priorities and abide by them. This is a first step in restoring proper order in our social systems...
My experience also only goes back to Reagan. I can remember the long lines for gas under Carter.

Tin foil crowd

Peak oil crowd

and now the Mental Masturbaters.

Quoting from NPR is like quoting from Jane Fonda about the Viet Nam war. Slanted views with no limits.

Quote:Democracy is working with the people, all of them, and coming to an arrangement that everyone can live with
Sorry invalid arguement. We do not live in a Democracy. We live in a Republic. So no we don't have to find some solution that is agreeable to everyone. If that were the case abortion, gun control etc. etc. would be non-issues by now.

Quote:the Republicans block anything GW doesn't like, or he vetoes it.

Welcome to two party politics. This has happened in every administration. So getting your panties in a twist about GW is just plain silly.

I could pick apart your arguements all night long because it is easy. The reason it is easy is because you take one small thing and expand upon it with delusional reasoning instead of facts.
"A Nation of Sheep will beget a government of wolves." Edward R. Murrow

"Bring me a GREEN one, I'll scrub the patchoulli off her!" Ghostwolf.

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