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The Universal Edibility Test Discussion
"Manifest destiny" the migration of man "the plains across" moved 100s of plants over the land. Seeds, on purpose, most were not on purpose, through feces, etc. .

As man moved over what was to become the U.S. they brought with them all kinds of plants, that established theselves .

Corn was already being cultivated by indins, when the european got here.

Corn goes so far back in history they cannot connect any wild corn. Corn will not grow without mans help.

As recently as just 100 years ago many folks would not eat a tomatoe, because it was red and that meant poisen.

Jamestown weed is so well documented it is amazing.

The ritual for the indins was, when it was smoked, one hit, maybe 2.

It can make you go blind for a period of time. The longest I have heard about is 3 days. But folks have spent up to a few weeks in the hospital.

Jimson weed in its younger stages kinda looks like it is part of the "Goosefoot family" and those who do not really know the plants have confused them.

Too me they do not look a like at all, but it has led to folks trying to eat it and getting sick.

Jimson weed is easy to ID. the flower is very distinctive, a flute or trumpet and it is white, kind of exotic looking.

Rub the leaf and it smells like peanut butter., Rubbing the leaf and smelling the plant is something that can help you remember any plant.

Now you have two ways, sight and smell. There are others as well.

As far as what the number of plants in this area goes that can be a bad trip. A no no isnt really much different all over the country

When we were at the Idaho Hoodlum gathering ,Halcon and I did a plant walk that about 20 Hoodlums went on with us.

We Identified about 30 plants. Pointed out some that were a no no.

Many of the folks on that hike were from Idaho, (Ron did not go on the hike ) and learned about plants in their own backyard.

Wild tobacco if dried and smoked will knock you on your ass. Very strong. One hit, thats all.

Young tobacco plants look a bit like Pokeweed,from the south.

Folks from the south have seen the young tobacco plant, cooked it , changed the water etc like you do with poke and ate it and died.

When I go the deserts lots of things that can make you sick, or make your day.

Same when I go into the mountains. Big Bear Ca is at 6000 feet.

Guess where the most food is that you get from plant life??

The transition zone from desert to hills/mountains.

Not a lot of food at 6000 ft. A lot of food in the deserts, at 300 ft to 3000 feet. and at 3 to 5000 ft, a fair amount.

Once a year Christopher does a beach class on wildplants. That is an eye opener for many folks.

Anyway the thread is interesting and I hope has been informative for many of the Hoodlums.

If we didnt completly confuse you , give us another chance.

Dude...check yersix
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[quote name='Dirttime Dude' post='315978' date='Jan 4 2009, 03:42 PM']....

Anyway the thread is interesting and I hope has been informative for many of the Hoodlums.

If we didnt completly confuse you , give us another chance.

Dude...check yersix[/quote]

yeah! next time let's try it with jimson weed....

my erica would love a stoned out vector. i am positive.

mister, don't make me funky - you wouldn't like me when i'm funky.

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Vec, maybe Erica would be more open to another natural alternativen Maybe a sativa indica hybrid, or perhaps something in the fungi family.

... Talk about solving the worlds problems.

Of course, that god forsaken beer (devil something or other) will wake the dead. Your local pub owner should be shot. I'll never forget the taste.
[quote name='Alan Halcon' post='316113' date='Jan 4 2009, 07:44 PM']....

Of course, that god forsaken beer (devil something or other) will wake the dead. Your local pub owner should be shot. I'll never forget the taste.[/quote]

i told ya not to try to drink that fag beer.

i'd forgotten all about that.

next time drink what i am having, and keep your pinky down....

pinky down and folder forward inside of pant waist line, not clipped to pocket... Ha! thought I forgot that, didn't ya? hell I remember that night down to the last detail. I can even tell you how many of your boys were sitting across from us... 3, one with a hat, arm in a sling, the other skinny runty looking also with a cap and the other high and tight cut. later we met up with them at the coronado hotel lounge... Erica to my 12, Master Guns to my left you to my right.
Ho-kay, straight up, no Abo-talk---

UET: for a good example of how this was used in a real survival situation --and the results of using it-- read "Follow the River" by (I think) James Alexander Thom. In 1755, Mary Ingles escaped from her Shawnee captors and walked about 600 miles back home. She ate what she ate. I won't spoil it by telling any more, except that she did survive. A great TRUE tale of courage and survival.

Solar Still: a parable-- A few years back, during the "Water" portion of a survival class, I asked my students what they would do to procure potable water in a questionable environment. "Solar still" was the unanimous answer.

Ho-kay, let's do it, I said. No shovels, cuz they're out in a "real" survival situation. So with digging sticks and bare hands they dugg out the pit. I even provided a piece of plastic, some tubing, and a soup cann. Just to be sure, I had them dig it about ten feet from a running stream. (Who's water they could have just drank with minor bit of purification. Butt I digress).

While we're waiting, I said, let's go for a hike.


About two miles away and over a ridge, there's a dry streambed that only runs during spring thaw. We went there.

In a 90 deg bend in the bed, there was a profusion of grass and willows growing on the bank.

Why don't we dig in the bed and see what happens? I said

To make a short story long, they did. Dugg with hands down about 18", and lo and behold, a nice little well of good water. In less than 10 minnits.

It being a warm day, we stayed and rested, ( and munched on wild greensSmile).

When we'd been gone about 4 hours, we ambled back. Farted around camp for a while longer, then checked the still.

There was about 1/4" of water in the can.


Transpiration baggs work much better --and on the same basic principle-- and the materials to make about ten of them take up as much space and weight as the solar still materials.

Bottom line-- UET is a great tool in true survival, just like Ron says. What the heck, you're gonna die anyway if ya don't. Solar still, IMHE, is a good tool to know FOR THE PRINCIPLE, butt unless all else is lost (see above), it's a tool of last resort. I *think* Ron, Dude and I agree on both of these.

Waugh!! (back to persona)

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Thank you Aboman! You wrote the closer.

Well said. IMHO this thread has done a good job of covering the topic and is ready to provide a more balanced discussion to the one enshrined in the FAQ's so I'll be moving it over there.

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