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"longhunter Trail Mix"
With my recent post about my adventures in 1773 Kentucky....I thought I would share a food that packs light, can stretch and that is also tasty and nutritious as well.....

Longhunter Trail Mix:

1# or so of parched corn

4oz dried fruit (I like cherries)

4oz walnuts or pumpkin seeds (non salted for both)

dark brown or maple sugar

salt (optional)

Parching corn:

Make sure to dry the corn ON THE COB. Frozen corn will work...but not as well and not be as tasty....just pull back the husks on the corn (leave them attached) remove the silk and hang the corn up in a warm dry place. When it is shriveled up and hard....husk it....or remove the corn from the dry this point I usually dry it a bit more in my dehydrator....esp when storing the dried corn....

To parch it, coat the bottom of an iron skillet with a LIGHT coating of oil (I use bacon grease)....add dried corn in a SINGLE layer.....stir is will see the corn start to swell (some may even pop)...when it swells back to its orignal size and is brown....dump it out to cool.....repeat this procedure unitl you have enough.....allow it all to cool to room temperature...

Then just mix all the ingredients together....I have like to add both sugar and salt...makes for a nice taste with the sweet and savory.....add both or one to taste....

Along with this and a pound of are will be amazed as how this will fill you up and how long it will last esp if you can hunt and forage.....the nuts add fat...which you will need....and the fruit will help keep the grogans coming at regular intervals...a warning though....make sure to drink LOTS of water.....the parched corn swells in your stomach (making you feel full with eating suprisingly little) and will bind you up tighter than a cat hair in a biscuit....I like to use the pumpkin seeds in the fall when I can toast mine own using fresh....dont the the bagged ones you get at the corner store (WAY to salty)...the extra oil used in toasting also adds a bit of fat....

Another word of advice.....if you make your own jerk, just season it with spices...and the like will go a long way is making you have to drink LOTS of water (like a whole creek full)....just a light coating of salt to help flavor it will dry it out better, keep longer and keep the bugs and bacteria away.....



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Neat recipe, thanks!
Great recipe. I will have to make some for my walking bag. In days gone by, we would also take a small quantity of this and pound to a pulp and then cook like a gruel or oat meal. This is a great long trail/cold camp vittles staple.
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i was always a great fan of parched corn.............back in the days i still had


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Good stuff Stonedog, we always take the trail mix with us on every canoe of kayak weekend.

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