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Fungus Warning!

Be Very Careful should you choose to pick and eat wild mushrooms, you are taking your life into your own hands. You MUST know EXACTLY what you are doing. People who are experts in Fungal Taxonomy and field study have died from mistaken identification. Even Christopher Nyerges gets fooled sometimes at the first glance, then goes "Wait, this is not what I thought!" This is a guy who really does know his stuff. He was taught by a few of the top mushroom folks on the planet and has 30 years in the field of wild edibles. The Kingdom of Fungi is the least known of the five Taxonomic Kingdoms, you don't want to have a new mushroom named after you POSTHUMOUSLY!

The only correct way to learn to positively identify fungi is from an experienced expert. One who is familiar with the Fungi of your area. Books, videos, and internet discussions are fine, if you have already positively identified a specific fungus, as they can help you remember. They are not recommended for your initial education.

Ron Hood shows a little of the danger in his film "Solo Survival" (Woods Master Vol. 11). Fortunately he recovered from what could have been a grave illness.

Is it worth the risk?

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A damned good warning, too!! For what little nutritional value you get, mushrooms can be not only a waste of enrgy, but lethal!! Even if the little parasite doesn't kill you, getting sick in the middle of nowhere can cause you to make other mistakes which will kill.

I have never taught about edible mushrooms in my courses, and never will...although there is always someone in the class who wants to know about them. They can be a nice treat if you are 100% positive of the ID, but for survival food I would ignore them.

Posts like yours should be oft repeated...cheers.
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