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Putting Handles On A Full Tang Knife

Here is a tutorial on placing handle slabs on a knife blank. It was written and demonstrated by knife maker Nick Wheeler.... There are lots of pics, so if you're still on dial-up, be prepared to wait a while. It will be worth it!

I have followed the tutorial, and found it to contain many little tips that will keep you out of trouble, especiall if it's your first time!

First off, thanks to Nick for the tutorial, and the permission to post it here. It is a great addition to our database of knowledge...

Secondly, thanks to Hoodoo for hosting the article on his website, so it doesn't dissapear on us!



[url=""]Nick Wheeler's Knife Tutorial[/url]

[url=""]Nick's website[/url]

We thought that this data was important enough to back it up... So we also have placed a copy in a .pdf file on Ron's site, as a back-up, in the case that Hoodoo's site may go down. Let us know if you have any trouble accessing it.

It's the same tutorial, just in a second location...



[url=""]Nick's Tutorial on[/url]

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