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Hoodlum Guidelines - You Must Read!

This board was set up by Ron and Karen Hood to support the Hoods Woods video students. If you don't have the videos you should get some so ya know what's going on. You'll learn a lot and you'll be part of the family.  Ron is no longer with us, but his rules still apply.

This is Karen's board. If she doesn't like something you say she can cut it out, change it or take executive action against your account. Mostly the Posse will do that before Karen needs to. Also keep in mind that this board is a private board but what you say can and will be read by thousands of people. What you say might not reflect the thoughts of Karen or Hoods Woods but it reflects ON her and it can effect her business.

Let me remind you that this board is like her home. Offensive posts can get you banned.

If you are banned and you return under a new name, we will automatically ban you. VERY few people are banned but it happens to people who try to cause trouble or who ignore our warnings.

The Posse is the gang of trusted digital bouncers that handle all the shit. They have a secret place where they meet and if you piss one of them off you might piss them all off and that ain't good. These folks are real smart, real experienced and real tough.

We very seldom ban people. We occasionally have educational sessions with them if they overstep the rules.

Light cussin's OK if you don't use it too much or get racial. Don't call folks names just because you disagree. We are adults here. Adult topics come up and adult words are sometimes used. Consider that if your kids are viewing the board.

Post a dirty picture and you go straight to digital hell.

Threaten someone and you will face correction up to and including banning.

Threaten the United States and you will face correction up to and including banning..

Do anything that we think threatens the existence of this board and you will face correction up to and including banning.

If you resort to personal attacks you will be corrected. If you do not heed that correction you will face further correction up to and including banning.

If you try to sell something and you are not a regular contributor, your post will be deleted. 

If you spam your posts will be deleted and you will be banned.

Keep in mind that for every person you see as a member there are at least three others lurking out there. If YOU are lurking... come on in and join the party.

If you get pissed off at someone try to think of them like you think of a bear on the trail in front of you. Respect... respect.... It's OK to disagree about who owns the trail but don't take it to blows. The Posse will ride in and clear it all up, one way or another.

Don't post in all CAPITAL LETTERS. That's just plain rude. It's like shouting in someone's ear.

Remember that some folks talk better than they write and others write better than they talk. Only numb nuts and academics can talk and write well... least wise that's how the Hoodlums are. Don't get pissed off because someone didn't kiss your butt when they posted. Maybe they don't know how. People disagree but you can always agree to disagree.

Finally, the content of all posts made on this board become the property of Hoods Woods. We do not take responsibility for plagiarized or copyrighted material posted here. We cannot know every post and it's genesis but any material not protected elsewhere becomes the property of Hoods Woods. By posting here you agree to that.


It all boils down to Respect. It's that simple.

(Updated from Ron's original Forum Rules because they still make sense.)
Of all the things I've lost, I think I miss my mind the most.

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