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Hoodlums Grand Reopening Sale
An email went out today announcing the reopening of the Hoodlums forum.  If you are a registered user here and your email is current, you should have received it.  If you did not, please go into your User Control Panel (see the "User CP" button near the top of the page) and check your email.  It may have changed since you signed up.  For those who missed it, here's an excerpt from the email (prices only good through September).  

.jpg   Forum_Open-03.jpg (Size: 37.98 KB / Downloads: 5)

For some reason thumbnails are not being displayed in posts, sorry for the inconvenience.  The bottom line is DVDs are $10 each and Magazines are $5 each, plus S&H.

Karen will post more news in this forum, so keep an eye out for new posts.

Thanks for coming...
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