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Anyone have packs for there dogs?
Anyone have experience using backpacks on there dogs?

First, some background. My girlfriend has a 16 year old Bichon Frise that, poor thing, is on it's last leg. Vet can't do anything for her and says she's got about 4 month left. Her son has a 4 year old, 90 pound, female half great Pyrenees and half golden retriever. We can't separate the 2 dogs for long, because the little dog stresses out over being away from her "sister". Even when it's bed time, she barks until the other dog is in the room with her, If they have to be kenneled (like at the vet or if they have to go out of town, and no one can watch them), then the small dog has to be kept in the large dog run so she is with the bigger dog. Her son's "thing" is fossil hunting (it's all he ever wants to do), and my son loves going too. I suggested that we start working on his dog for backpacking, so after we loose the little dog, she can go on the trips with us, and maybe that will help her son, and the big dog both cope the loss of the little dog. We aren't going to load her down with rocks and fossils, but figured she could carry water, snacks, and/or maybe some of the smaller tools.

So, that's the background, now to the point.

1: Do y'all think that would help them cope with the loss, because now he and his dog will be out together, instead of her being left at home alone?

2: What would be a max carry weight for the 4 year old, 90 pound, female half great Pyrenees and half golden retriever? ( I've looked on this forum and elsewhere, and have seen 15-20 and 20-25% of the dogs weight, so want to know what is correct).

3: What would be a good pack for this dog, and fossil hunting/rock hounding activities?

4: Do they make dog backpacks that are insulated to keep the water she carries cool?

Thank you for any help
I can't answer your questions, but I have one for you - was there a particular reason you chose to make this post in the restricted forum? Only people who have 50 or more posts can see your question, so some of the newer people won't be able to share their experience. This forum was intended more for political or perhaps controversial topics, not general questions.

It's your call - if you wanted it in here, that's fine, but I will be happy to move it to Q&A or Backpacking if you would like better visibility for your question. Just let me know.

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oops. no, I just didn't remember about the restricted part. Yes, if you can move it, that would be great. Thank you.
I have a backpack for my dogs

You have to make sure they are like over a year old to make sure they can do it.
Start them with small amounts of weight. Make SURE there are no rough parts against the dog.

I THINK the limit is 20% of their weight but dont quote me.

We use ours on our husky and our Shepard to carry a bit of water and food.
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Alright, thank you. She is 4 yeas old. Mostly would have her carrying water. Mainly though, it’s just to include her.

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