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Remington RP9$180 Rebate till the 27th
Not as good a deal as 180 after rebate but Remington is offering till the 27th a 100 dollar rebate if anyone is looking for an 18 round 9mm handgun target shooting, hunting, car, conceal carry, home defense. https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore..../ID/188870
Extremely pressed for time but did rattle off quickly three rounds of what is the most common 9mm Luger in America 115 grain fmj at 100 yards the after rebate 180 Remington rp9 shoots a little right for me out of box but it looks like those three rounds are inside a foot Shooting FAST haven’t measured the trigger but extremely pleased in the sharp sights and great trigger
A little less expensive then police trade in glock 40 mags

[Image: 24129747_10214223445362193_5152286249964...e=5A89107F]

[Image: 24129961_10214223448642275_4617834941155...e=5A8A63CA]

[Image: 24131291_10214223450962333_8613057323674...e=5A9DC6BF]
neeed to make a cabelas a mmo run but had a little left in some boxes
[Image: 24774824_10214294963230095_8744558334366...e=5AD413D0]

[Image: 24862106_10214294843387099_6041127504200...e=5ACC5323]
the pistol continues to impress me at 25 y ards today with a wide variety of other pistols
[Image: 25552348_10214394279112930_8085345273735...e=5AC7FA13]
at 100 the pistol is still in spec with others and at the price with rebate much better IMHO

[Image: 25443131_10214404184000546_1733562984951...e=5AD19EEB]

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