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Raider Pistol
wow, I was looking at a black colored pistolero thingy and now I'm stuck the far dark reaches of my brain....what happened......must of been the trans state thingy that was being talked about.....throw down my credit card and run to the ............oh afraid......very afraid........heck yea I'd be afraid to spend my hard earned cash on the repeater pistol thing they are selling.........i've got other interests that go bang just fine..........really no fear......they go bag every time................
uhhh yeah I didn't really propose that someone buying a raider pistol in 300 blackout is living in fear.... three guys all doingsome shooting just a second ago and we all somewhat similar to raider pistols near us...... here in MI AR pistols have to be 26" and under to legally conceal carry that means the barrel lengths are similar to the raider pistol, but the raider pistol is more compact by a couple inches then the 300 black pistol I was just shooting.
No. I'm talking about the fear that those writers and gun trainers peddle. In my last course the trainer said several times, "I don't go anywhere I can't carry a gun." I can't recall anytime there was a shooting here between a citizen and a criminal. I've even seen discussions about how to waterproof a pistol so you could have it within reach in the shower. The mindplay takes over.

I'm saying, how many people do you know that had to shoot someone while in the shower? If it is a common occurrence in your part of town, then have at it.

You might not want to call it fear, but if you carry for defense, there is a fear that you might face a situation where you will need to use deadly force. If the threat is real, then it's a reasonable fear.

I was also trying to illuminate the endless shit on social media about foods, flu shots, alternate medications, taking supplements, homeopathy medicine, and on and on. If you expand your consciousness you will see the condition exists everywhere. Don't limit it to whether you buy a new toy or not. Now if you have one in every room in the house, in the basement, in the garage, in the car, in the trunk of the car, and buried in the woods behind the house... You may be over thinking the situation.

Remember that guy who never wears shoes so his feet are tough? His mindplay says that when people are taken hostage, the first thing the abductor does is take away their shoes so the cannot escape. Have you ever heard of that happening in our country? Plus, IF it would happen his abductors would take one look at his feet and hobble him... Not with a rope, but by breaking his feet.

I'm just saying be reasonable, that's all...

agreed. I like accurate stuff and some of the PDWs etc offer convenience for me and accuracy can kill pests  .harvest game etc while working or out and about. I know my accuracy data with various firearms but one sitting right by me made a 75  yard pest s hot with confidence.  I also h unted all my small game and filled my doe tag with it.

Just depends on what you're doing.

450 is legal here in shotgun zone for deer but for regular pests it most likely will be overkill for me. Other caliber pdws wo rk just fine for me where I am.

if a piece of gear is with me and isn't inconvenient it most likely gets used by me.
No arguments Mr. Hay.  I can see where some firearms enthusiasts would have the money and time to have fun with the raider pistol. Some would be able to find real world use. But yes the hyper-over the top world that is constantly assaulting us will influence some to buy such a firearm as it does the multitude of other products that don't really do us much good, as in burying said pistol in the cache tube in the woods for an emergency.  Keep is simple, try to keep it real, works most of the time.
Forearms in terms of cost for their size ranges from pricey to not Too pricey I’d say this is somewhat higher middle ground like a cz scorpion etc .

I find pdws etc to be some of the simple and real firearms in exostantamce as they can legally with a cpl go with you and interact with you at a higher chance in the 24 hours in a day . They do work .
I tell you
For a while I carried a gun everywhere I went except for work. Not allowed to.

Reading this I realize that I WAS pulled in by the news reports and all the people saying WE ARE IN DANGER ALL THE TIME.

Do I believe there is danger? Yes
Do I believe that we need to be alert? Yes

But I went to far with it. I was ready to kill. I was Red Dawn in a can just waiting to be opened.
It affected my marriage
It affected my faith
It affected my health.

I haven't carried a gun for defense in over 6 months.

My wife and I are closer
I feel closer to God
I am less stressed.

So yes, there is a danger to all of the reports and such. I know, I am proof of it.

Scotty that is a neat gun and I am glad you like what you do. I just had to back away from it some.
To save my spirit if not my life.
Sorry if I came across badly
Live with honor, ride with truth.  Be friendly to others.  But always carry a gun on your side and a knife in your boot because there are those that do not feel the same as this.

Quote:Sorry if I came across badly

Not at all, Kid!  You demonstrate what I'm saying. 

When I was teaching an intro to firearms class in the Model Mugging program, I had a woman who was on the verge of hyperventilating when it was her turn to handle an empty handgun.

She said; "Bill, I'm afraid to touch that gun."

"Why is that?"

"I'm afraid I will go crazy and start shooting people."

"Do you have a desire to do that?"

"Oh, no!  But you hear about it on the news all the time!"

Bingo!  Trance state programming, the constant drum beat of fear and danger.  Once you see it, it becomes impossible to not see it everywhere.

Let me emphasize that the lady was not a stupid person, she was just programmed to believe a falsehood in spite of her intelligence and moral standards.

Thanks for your input!

perhaps everyone is being programmed by the pistols name? Like in volume three Ron Hood talked about how to many times names set applications? like do you think if you buy a raider pistol you'll j ust magically grab a cutlass or saber and this and go raiding? lol

if you feel a need to start a thread on why you don't c arry a knife, fak, survival kit, gun, do so.

I'll be honest that e veryone at the range laughed at the comment of "red a lert" with everyone sitting there w ith legal pistols and legal pdws l ooking like well the joe smoes that we are. Oh man I'm on r ed alert when I need to p ull it out and do some pest control Wink

Red alert might not even be going out on an adventure, sitting there at home with 100 loaded G3 mags and a g3 loaded, while wearing dkx rifle p lates e tc. If that's you well ok. That's not me. I've run into some self proclaimed prepper people and it's very apparent to me that they are heavy non concealable non adventure with y ou while out and about long gun centric in their planning of such a "red alert" bs hypothetical mythical scenarios. some are completely lacking in p istol accuracy at ranges beyond 7 yards , lacking in pdw type adventure vehicle or working on foot weapons, but man they are "ready" for some mythical situation.

pdws are handy due to their size, weight, legal status while being concealed, and with good a ccuracy can solve a lot of problems for me t hat hasn't been "red alert" problems, but i might have a chance in s uch mythical situation because I have it with me.

Muddyboots had a good comment a long time ago when asked what is the best "survival gun". I believe his words were "the one that is closest".

here's something not in the power level of 300 blackout and more pricey

lengths? weights?

selecting a PDW size weapon has certain criteria one might want to consider and they range in cost.
Been seeing these on Instagram and they're interesting looking. I'd have to hold one before I could opine on whether it's ergonomic or awkward; from the pic I could see it be either way. I saw someone on IG wondering if it would be compliant with California laws, and immediately it made more sense if that is indeed the case.

Personally, the Extar EXP has my attention for a similar role. Smile
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