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20 dollar walmart bowie and Druid 230
My hollow ground sk5 srk no longer has a point in point pry in Michigan winters . Sample size of three schrade Bowie’s all retain points and games ayres spine wacks are fine
Keep the reviews coming! I bought the Hunter's Scalpel you gave us a YouTube on. It sucked! Then I sharpened it like it should be sharpened. Then it didn't suck! Twas my neck knife on my last outing.
Message of Insight and Unity 

We go into the wilderness to fulfill our hearts and empty our minds of life's garbage.
The gear we leave behind and the challenges we encounter, 
Are methods we use to cleanse our spirits.
Of Survivalists and Bushcrafters, Primitive Technologists too, we are one.........

It is the wilderness within, we strive for first and always.
Not everyone can have a cabin in the mountains.
The thread that connects us, is fine like silk and strong as steel.
Together, the song of the wilderness is the song we sing!

"And can I say something else?"
Bushcrafting is "doing what you want to do." 
Survival is "doing what you have to do"
Primitive Technology is about all of the above........

By TNRR aka "Survival Sully"

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