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Marbles "tactical Tomahawk" 20 bucks
caught my eye no experience with one
Sounds like it was made by Condor, maybe 1075.
remember what the Dormouse said

"Learn from others mistakes. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." Eleanor Roosevelt
immacasa yep most likely on the steel not sure how thick it is
All that I have heard about marbles these days is that the stuff made by Condor is good,the stuff they have made in China is junk. I have a marbles #9 belt axe made in the USA,it is a very well made hatchet. It is sad to see what has happened to Marbles.
yep no experience with the chinese stuff , beside a marbles c amp axe that broke in very little use chopping they seem decent I still have a jungle bowie machete and mini hatchet in my inventory.

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