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Got a question about tinder pouches...
Hey All,

This thought/question has been hanging in the back of my brain for quite some time.. I'm finally gonna put it out there..

Why are all tinder pouches made of leather, or depicted as such in history ?? Couldn't they have been possibly made of a good heavy waxed/oiled canvas ?? 

The way I see it, if a tenderfoot was just starting out and didn't have much cash, wouldn't a good canvas pouch serve them well in a pinch ?? After all, canvas was/is still used for packs and satchels to this day, right ?

Look forward to hearing(er reading) your thoughts on this...

Merry Christmas All !!
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they most likly made there own from what ever material they had.

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Something made and replaced in the field. Not much canvass in the field. You had to buy the canvass, the leather was free.  Your time wasn't worth much. 

I have seen some canvass bags, and some from wool blankets,  leather is just cooler. Canvass would be a little lighter.

These days I see mostly leather, you can get more money from selling a leather bag than a canvass one.
remember what the Dormouse said

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only issue I see with oiled canvas is the issue of the water repellant material leaching into the tinder over time..
also, have you tried linen instead of cotton for this material?

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