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Out with the $150 midland folding shotgun
25 yards

six shot 2.5 inch 410 , adapter, and ooo buckshot

[Image: 27867838_10214896809395873_1529769095022...e=5B047327]
mini shell 12 gauge 7.5 shot 25 yards

[Image: 27867391_10214896993320471_6315105072740...e=5B076B56]
25 yards 12 to  410 adapter . 410 pdx and 3"  six shot

[Image: 27972191_10214897381810183_8742466525479...e=5B07A673]
That will work.
a armed man is his own master
Cool! I love these comparisons!

Great report! Big Grin 


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the gun has agiven modified choke . Hoping to get out with it some more with other loads and a 20 gauge insert.
Can the stock be shortened?
Any way to see the inside "storage area"
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yep it has spacers

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