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Beretta cheetah 380 at 100 yards
[Image: 29243589_10215137665017113_3802809896949...e=5B4CC9DD]

interesting classic first time shooting one . Recoil was sharper then I anticipated
Nice shooting, Scottman.
here's the pistol    with a 92fs

[Image: 29213806_10215137750259244_5553051328252...e=5B3B18D5]
Those are two good lookin firearms!  Never could figure out why some people don't like the M9.
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(03-16-2018, 11:19 PM)WayneH Wrote: Those are two good lookin firearms!  Never could figure out why some people don't like the M9.

It is a very fine weapon, but it does not have the knock-down power of the veritable old .45 ACP, which had more influence with its detractors, than the Beretta's looks or quality either one, I suspect. 

Beretta made the Cheetah's twin for Browning, with minor cosmetic changes for Browning for about 20 years beginning in the mid to latter 70's through most of the 90's.  If Beretta quality & performance could satisfy both Uncle Sam & Browning, there is not a lot of room for naysayers!
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The biggest thing that I did not like about it was the size, it is way too large for the caliber.
the m9 shoots pretty good at 100 yards

[Image: 28168266_10214954507878299_5495388608400...e=5B4760AB]

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