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Airgun Technology in the Great depression
Airgun Technology in the Great depression

any info? we did a photo of an article from a 1993 gun digest talking about the ratio between 22 shorts and 32 rimfire.

Wondering how common pellet guns were back then? did they have access to in todays terms 60 dollar remanufactured nitro piston crosman F4 shoot in g 1000 fps ?

What was the cost ratio between 22 shorts back then and 177 pellets?

ok enough rambling for now back to the garden.
If you want to really learn about air gun technology, read up on the air guns Lewis & Clark carried on their Corps of Discovery Expedition.  The air guns, they had, were amazing!
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yep . have some pcps myself.

Not sure how common that was back then but am interested on how common and what tech was in joe  smoes hands back in the great depression , what power was available,  and the cost of airgun  ammo compared to  22 shorts  back then.
I found this page:
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