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.338 Win Mag
After I returned from African and had harvested my Kudu, Gemsbok, Springbok and Impala all with a .30-06 I decided all the game I would take in future I could also do with a .30-06 and my Kimber in .300 Win. Mag. was the first to go, then my .338 Win. Mag. in SS Tikka T3. I didn't plan on heading to the Stikine/ Spatsizi plateaus again so a .30-06 would likely do me fine, no Grizzlies or polar bears in my future and I certainly can't afford Africa in the near future....a rich sugar-momma not withstanding of course.
My big fat mouth got me in trouble again.
A bunch of mechanics at work were telling hunting stories and stupidly, I mentioned the Stikine and the moose we took out of there as well as Caribou and Goats etc.
Bad move Grizzly they want me to go along with them and show them the area.
At the very same time there was a letter to the editor in a gunrag stating that the man's family had bought some property in Colorado so they could elk hunt. He said the over 200 elk they had taken from that area with rifles from 243-300RUM. He said they all died if hit in the boiler room but it was a matter of how far you had to track the wounded elk...with one exception the .338 Win. Mag. which he stated resulted in the elk taking a step or two then down as if poleaxed.
I recalled the mooses (Plural) I had shot with a .338 and the mountain goat and all were dead with one shot in place except one moose  went 50 feet after a frontal shot and the goat did the quick one step over the edge of the cliff. I also recalled the time I was hunting the McKay River near Quesnel British Columbia with a .270 Featherweight Winchester, just like Jack O'Connor..... and came across fresh Grizzly pie in a willow thicket  which kicked in the pucker factor of only having a .270.

HMMMMMM sez I, me thinks mayhap I acted in haste in limiting my magnum capabilities.

Looking around I could only find a .338 in a Savage 116 Weather Warrior and after a bit of research...all positive, I traded a rifle and some cash for a brand new Savage with a Weaver scope as a package deal. I swapped the Weaver onto my .270 and put the 3X9 Leupould from the .270 onto the .338. After all O'Conner did use Weavers on his .270s if you follow the pattern of my manic thoughts.
Next Monday or Tuesday I will be at the range before it gets too hot and see if I can sight them both in ...or at least the .338.
Some folks say a .30-06 can do it all and they are right. Grancel Fitz did it before WWII. ... but it's those rare occasions when not every thing is going as planned that it could possibly let you down. Elmer Keith designed the .338 win. Mag. for a specific reason and that was to drop big and / or dangerous game and it works.
I have had six Grizzly encounters in one day and it certainly demands all of your senses especially the sow with two yearling cubs at 52 yards. That took some fast talking. Confused ..backed up by a .338 if needed.
So on September 26th I head for the Stikine/Spatsizi area again and like Sean Connery I must never say never again. Rolleyes
Hopefully the S won't HTF and I pray every day that it won't. It would not be fun.

I have a high art..I wound with cruelty, all who wound me...Archillocus; 650 B.C.

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