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A.G.Russell Passes
We lost a great man today.
[Image: 44148072_1776893152409252_62926414839881...e=5C4A8504]
Addictive knife buying isn't guided by logic.

Its probably my age that makes people think I am an adult.

Tolerance is within a standard.

"Food is power. We use it to change behavior. Some
may call that bribery. We do not apologize."
 -Catherine Bertini, UN World Food Ex. Director, 1997

Proverbs 27:17
Sad news. I don't think we'll see anyone who stepped up in the world of knives like he did.
I was able to meet up with A.G. at the Atlanta Blade Show and thank him for a kindness he showed me in 1971.
In 1970 my brother Loup Garou on the forum bought me a Morseth knife when I was headed into the military.
Steve Morseth and his family were in discussion regarding the fate of Morseth knives at that time after the passing of Harry Morseth and eventually Morseth knives was put on the market and my order was in limbo.
A.G. Russell bought Morseth knives so that the great name did not sink into obscurity and moved the whole shebang down to Springdale Arkansas. Shortly after that I received a letter from A.G. explaining the delay in my order and stating all orders would be shipped asap.
I was able to thank him in person for his integrity and for being the epitome of a gentleman.
He thanked me right back for letting me know about this.
I also spoke to Bob Dozier in Atlanta and told him the story. He said he was working for A.G. at the time and he made my knife...which I still have but it is pre-bequeathed to my son, also named Robert.
I have only the highest regard for A.G. Russell and will miss him at the show next year.
Grizzly Dave
Hopefully the S won't HTF and I pray every day that it won't. It would not be fun.

I have a high art..I wound with cruelty, all who wound me...Archillocus; 650 B.C.
Yes, that is a major loss (to the blade makers world and the outdoors world in general) the man was a legend and apparently (from Grizz's story) a fine gentleman as well.

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"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile €”hoping it will eat him last." -Winston Churchill

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