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A brief trip report.
In the videos deerstalker provided, I could not see drinking cups – maybe I missed them.
I could see a titanium cooking pot that could be used to drink from . . .
I usually take along an instant dried noodle plastic pot.
I put the dried noodles and flavouring in a plastic bag for later and used the plastic pot as a drinking vessel.
Cheap and disposable.
I always carry a Swedish Army collapsible folding flexi cup, which folds small enough to put in my pocket.
Although this is small it can be refilled from my mess tin, which on the edge of the campfire, keeps my coffee hot.
I use this cup to drink whisky during the rare times I carry whisky.
I know I could drink straight from the bottle but I consider this to be the actions of a coarse fellow, without manners.
However if one extends the little finger while drinking from a bottle of whisky, that is quite acceptable in high society.
I read somewhere that Rob Roy used to drink his whisky that way.

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