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This is for the over 50 crowd
If you were into hiking,back packing and climbing in the 70's. You will remember Wilderness Experience,they made packs and stuff. Well,do you remember the klettersack. It was a day pack size made for the most part for climbers. It was a very popular pack,people are still using some of the old ones from the 70's. Well,one of the former owners of Wilderness Experience got back the rights to the original klettersack,and he has a kick starter going on right now. They will be using the original design and the same materials as the 70's pack. And it's not a bad deal for a high end day pack,75.00. Some of you old farts may be interested in this.
I had one, used it for rock climbing. It was a pretty good pack...

Here's the Kickstarter link for anyone interested:

Of all the things I've lost, I think I miss my mind the most.

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