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Emberlit Stove Ordered
I just rewatched the video on the Emberlit web site, and around 9:40, he mentions this. He says if your cooking in the snow or something, you can put down a piece on bark or something and cook in it and not catch the bark on fire.
I like the old cake pan, c-clamped with river sand idea.

What I don't see is the whole bother. I can't see one staying in a canoe for so long you need to cook in it. You'd need to get out, stretch the legs and relax the back anyhow. So just cook when you stop. This is a river topic, not an ocean voyage.
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I know, but it was just a thread we had going that got my intrest to if I could do it or not. Plus, could be used if anchord out fishing on bigger boats too. Just figured I atleast try 1 meal at it. And, it could also serve to keep warm in the colder parts of the year.
I JUST got ut in the mail. Can't wait to try it out.

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