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Jetbeam Bc25Se Great Deal !
Seller took 35 shipped that's a deal for a very adaptable light on one rechargeable battery that still can be used as a headlamp. 1000 lumens on high and 200 for 7 hours of working at night . Also I edc one in a npe and they make a remote tactical switch for one these are more throwers but for 10 or 15 more the BC is smaller lighter one battery, and is adaptable to firearms shields remote etc.

Plus DPCI is a 100 minimum order. Those 900 lumen solaire's aren't that useful to me because I can't use them as a headlamp. Dad still likes this

but he doesn't edc it etc. Different light. At 35 shipped for 1, 70 shipped for 2 of these compared to one ICON it's 1000 less lumens but more versatile. RIFLE VS PDW type concept.

I did see on knife center they have a light that puts out 3000 lumens on a special type of 18650 for 120 dollars. But it is the size of the BC 25 SE.... Incredible.

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