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Tentsmith's Vs Deercreek Outfitters Tarp
A little background on me is that I'm a FAA licensed Parachute Rigger and know Quality sewing !

Laid side to side the Deercreek is the stiching quality I want.

On the down side the tarp will come still damp and needs to be aired out a few days.

As of today they still show them out of stock as they catch up production, this is a small

husband and wife operation and they will answer their phone if you call, this tells me I will have excellent support.

I certainly hope they resume production soon !

Lee, Indianapolis
Welcome to the Hoodlums Lee.

Enjoy the time you have to spend with us.

Hopefully the S won't HTF and I pray every day that it won't. It would not be fun.

I have a high art..I wound with cruelty, all who wound me...Archillocus; 650 B.C.
Your opinions and knowledge is welcome here!
Message of Insight and Unity 

We go into the wilderness to fulfill our hearts and empty our minds of life's garbage.
The gear we leave behind and the challenges we encounter, 
Are methods we use to cleanse our spirits.
Of Survivalists and Bushcrafters, Primitive Technologists too, we are one.........

It is the wilderness within, we strive for first and always.
Not everyone can have a cabin in the mountains.
The thread that connects us, is fine like silk and strong as steel.
Together, the song of the wilderness is the song we sing!

"And can I say something else?"
Bushcrafting is "doing what you want to do." 
Survival is "doing what you have to do"
Primitive Technology is about all of the above........

By TNRR aka "Survival Sully"
Thanks for the welcome guys !


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